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NoICE – Nordic Icing Centre of Expertise

NoICE will gather and develop wintertime icing expertise to benefit stakeholders in the Botnia-Atlantica region. The cold climate causes various problems for Nordic companies and organizations. These challenges are often related to safety issues, increased costs, increased energy consumptions, operation delays and increased maintenance needs. This project is focusing on the development of the business network, which connects icing problems, research and solutions together. This collaboration network gathers experts from different fields together and increases connections with companies. In addition, one aim is to develop new research and find new solutions for the existing challenges. Project team includes the expertise related to materials science, surface engineering, icing research, computer science, mathematical statistics, atmospheric sciences and sensors. NoICE is the innovation project, in which the specific objective is to develop a long-term sustainable competence center related to icing issues. Cross-border cooperations are the key aim of the project.

Funding source

EU/Interreg Botnia-Atlantica
Region Västerbotten
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia

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Coordinating organisation

Novia UAS


University of Vaasa
Umeå University
Luleå University of Technology
Tampere University

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