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MoniCardi - Monitoring of Cardiac Health Made Simple

Tampere University
Duration of project1.7.2022–31.3.2024
Area of focusHealth, Technology

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Cardiac disease is the leading cause of death (32%), and the global costs of cardiovascular diseases are estimated to exceed one trillion dollars by 2030. Tremendous effort is put into finding digital solutions to this problem. However, we are still far from having an effective monitoring system, where consumer devices are connected to the healthcare system and clinical treatment. Wearable diagnostic ECG devices have developed rapidly, but they have not yet entered the consumer markets on a large scale. On the other hand, the heart rate (HR) data collected by wrist monitors are not yet utilized up to the level to enable predictive or diagnostic conclusions. The wearable device and software providers are thus putting significant efforts to develop their methods to meet the increasing diagnostic needs.

In this project we prepare the commercialization of a novel heart rate variability method (MoniCardi) developed in the Computational Physics Laboratory at Tampere University. The method produces precise information of the time- and scale-dependent correlations in the heart rate intervals, and they are further interpreted to predict and identify cardiac diseases with excellent confidence. The MoniCardi method is directly adaptable with all the devices recording the heart rate. In this project we validate and pilot the concept carefully in the (pre)diagnostic sector. We carry out the relevant tasks for commercialization including, e.g., IPR strategy, regulation process, customer need, market, and competition analyses, as well as business model examinations.


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