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Making Leisure Work: Leisure Crafting as Active Recovery from Stressful Work

A globalized economy, an aging labor force and modern technology change the way work is carried out and experienced. Boundaries between work and nonwork vanish, making it difficult to recover from job stress during off-job time with detrimental consequences for employees´ subjective wellbeing and performance. Until now, the work/non-work interface is poorly understood.


This project focuses on leisure crafting: employees´ deliberate attempt to engage in or refrain from certain leisure activities to satisfy needs that are difficult or impossible to attain during work. This is assumed to enhance their wellbeing and performance. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural project uses advanced methodological approaches from recovery and leisure research to understand and facilitate leisure crafting with the aim to preserve and improve quality of life, long-term workability and individual performance, which ultimately determines the competitiveness of Finnish companies in a global market.

Funding source

Academy of Finland, University of Groningen (Netherlands)


Contact persons

Jessica de Bloom

Academy of Finland Researcher

jessica.debloom [at]


Ulla Kinnunen


ulla.kinnunen [at]