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Financial Management and Accounting Research Group

Our research is focused on financial and managerial accounting and control systems. Members of the research group collaborate both nationally and internationally with partners from other universities.

Research focus and goals

The research group of financial management and accounting produces new scientific knowledge and advances research-based education in the field of accounting.

Research projects of the group have been funded by the Academy of Finland, the Foundation for Economic Education, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the University of Tampere Foundation, etc.

Other members

Professor Lili Kihn, Professor Timo Hyvönen, Professor emerita Salme Näsi, Dr. Eeva-Mari Ihantola,  Dr. Hannele Mäkelä,  Dr. Pirkko Jaatinen, Dr. Jari Kankaanpää, CPA, M.Sc. Heidi Alitalo, M.Sc. Timo Heikkilä, CPA, M.Sc. Heikki Häkkinen, and M.Sc. Jenni Laaksonen.