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Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce Wellbeing: Organizational factors and staff-turnover VOA

Tampere University
Duration of project1.4.2022–30.11.2023
Area of focusSociety, Technology

In this project we explore early childhood education and care (ECEC) staff’s wellbeing and turnover. This is especially topical as the ECEC field is facing recruitment challenges of the qualified staff.

The aim of the project is to examine the relations between ECEC staff’s work-related wellbeing and work environment including organizational context and furthermore, turnover. This has potential to increase our understanding on the patterns of the leaving and retaining in the ECEC field.

The project is part of the international Early Childhood Educators’ Wellbeing Project (ECWEP) project.

Funding source

Faculty of Education and Culture (Tampere University) with Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (2022–2023)