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Consumer-citizens as active reducers of food waste

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety

Consumer food waste is currently one of the most impactful sustainability challenges. Finding solutions requires the empowerment of consumers and their networks. At the core of this research project is the consumer-citizen who actively reduces food waste. We approach this phenomenon by using four interrelated perspectives. Our aim is:

  • To describe and analyse consumption practices aimed at reducing food waste
  • To identify heterogeneous collectives involved in the activity of reducing consumer food waste
  • To identify socio-cultural discourses related to consumer food waste reduction  
  • To identify and develop market system activities and solutions related to reducing consumer food waste


During different stages of food production and consumption, about one third of food produced for human consumption is wasted or lost globally. Especially in the developed countries, the biggest contributors to this problem are households (40 % of food waste). In Finland, the yearly environmental consequences of this equals to CO2 emissions of 100 000 cars.  

Whereas previous research has focused on consumer attitudes and the reasons why food waste emerges, our project focuses on active reduction of food waste. In our view, the key to changing behavior is not in changing peoples attitudes or influencing their individual decisions regarding sustainability. Rather, focus should be moved toward collective and private consumer practices, socially shared meanings as well as complex actor-networks in which these activities take place. By combining different theoretical approaches and innovative research methods we will contribute to academic discourses around sustainability, consumption and citizenship, consumption-driven market mechanisms, and materiality of consumption. Our study has practical implications for businesses, policy-makers and consumers.


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Funding source

Emil Aaltonen Foundation

Contact persons

Elina Närvänen

PhD, docent, principal investigator

elina.narvanen [at]



Nina Mesiranta

PhD, Researcher

nina.mesiranta [at]

+358 50 5325 295


Malla Mattila

PhD, Researcher

malla.mattila [at]

+358 50 4048 048