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Circular Economy Experience (CIRCEX)

Tampere University
Duration of project1.9.2023–31.8.2027
Area of focusSociety

There is an urgent need for societies to transition into a sustainable circular economy (CE). However, the success of this transition depends on changes in human stakeholders’ practices. The CIRCEX project studies the emergence and role of human experience in the CE, which is argued to be crucial for people’s engagement in CE practices like reducing, reusing and recycling. CIRCEX brings together research on CE, marketing, and design to study circular economy experiences (CEEX) in the context of CE ecosystems involving plastics. The project breaks new ground by conceptualizing CEEX, unpacking how human stakeholders experience translates into action, and creating a framework for CEEX design. As a whole, CIRCEX contributes to science by developing the role of experience research in advancing societal wellbeing and sustainability.


Research Council of Finland

Coordinating organisation

Turun yliopisto, University of Turku