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Bevel gear performance improvement and service life prediction based on endurance testing

In this project, the aim is to evaluate standardized gear design methods and develop new ones against the actual performance of large-sized bevel gears. Comprehensive endurance testing is conducted on specific large-sized gear sets with advanced design and manufacturing methods. Areas of interest are the effects of case hardening on the fatigue performance of the gears, differences in failure modes with different designs and operation conditions, and effects of different materials on the endurance performance of gears as well as a fundamental understanding of fatigue-induced failure modes of large-sized bevel gears.


In the gear manufacturing industry, gear standards are the main way of dimensioning gears. However, clear differences between loading conditions and calculation assumptions can be seen in the actual usage, which means that improvements to these calculation methods can be made. Differences between sizing calculations and loading conditions become more apparent the larger the bevel gears are. The high price of producing these kinds of systems requires the design to be correct from the first and perhaps the only time the system is built.


The goal of the project is to understand fatigue-related failure modes in large-sized bevel gears. In the best case, design methods can be improved, but an increased ability to predict these failures is important as well.

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Contact persons

Erkka Virtanen, Tampere University
Mikko Kanerva, Tampere University
Gabor Szanti, ATA Gears