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ATMo-Lab - Aerosol and Trace Gas Mobile Laboratory

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The Aerosol and Trace Gas Mobile Laboratory (ATMo-Lab), is a versatile platform for mobile aerosol research. When studying the nanoparticle formation processes or emissions, it is essential to bring the instruments as close as possible to the source. The ATMo-Lab enables us to use state-of-the-art laboratory-grade scientific instruments in field environment, right next to the studied emission sources or other points of interest. The mobile laboratory infrastructure is Tampere University’s contribution to the Finnish INAR RI and the European ACTRIS infrastructures.

Use cases of ATMo-Lab include roadside stationary measurements, in-traffic sampling of vehicle fleet emissions, chasing studies of individual vehicle’s real-world emissions, and measurements at remote sites without necessary infrastructure. For these purposes, the ATMo-Lab is equipped with well characterized sampling inlets for aerosol particles and gaseous compounds, a weather station and a GPS. It is able to house a wide range of trace gas and aerosol research instruments, including particle number, size distribution, and composition detection instrumentation as well as mass spectrometers.