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Raisa Toivo

Professor, history, esp. early modern society
Tampere University
phone number+358503186226
City Centre Campus

About me

I am a historian of the early modern society (ca. 1500-1800), working especially on sources from Finland and Sweden but always in a European context. Currently I work on the history of lived religion and experience in the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence for the History of Experience (HEX) and on my personal Academy of FInland Academy Fellowship on the Catholic Reformation in Lutheran Finland (1550-1700) , the networks and clandestine communities, identities and emotion involved, as the themes of religions tolerance and persecution. 

I have a history of reserach on early modern religion, witchcraft, gender, family and family violence, and I am happy to teach and advice work on these.

Main positions of trust

Finnish Historical Society board member


Academy of Finland Academy Fellowship 2015-2020; The Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in the History of Experience (HEX), Lived Religion 2018-2025; Jalmari FInne Foundation

Selected publications


Katajala-Peltomaa, Sari & Toivo, Raisa Maria: Lived Religion and Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Routledge 2021. WITH OPEN ACCESS INTRODUCTION, co-authored Monograph

Muravyeva, Marianna G., Shon, Phillip S. & Toivo, Raisa Maria: Parricide and Violence against Parents. A Cross-Cultural View across Past and Present. Routledge 2021. (co-authored monograph)

Toivo, Raisa Maria: Faith and Magic in Early Modern Finland. Palgrave Macmillan 2016.

Toivo, Raisa Maria: Witchcraft and Gender in Early Modern Finland: Finland and the Wider European Experience . Ashgate 2008.

Edited collections:

Muravyeva, Marianna & Toivo, Raisa Maria: Parricide and Violence against Parents Throughout History. Deconstructing Family and Authority . Palgrave Macmillan 2018.

Kallestrup Nyholm, Louise & Toivo Raisa Maria: Contesting Orthodoxy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe . Palgrave 2017. 

Katajala-Peltomaa, Sari & Toivo, Raisa Maria: Lived Religion and the long Reformation in northern Europe c. 1300-1700 . Brill 2017. 

Tiina Miettinen & Raisa Maria Toivo: mitä väliä on historialla? TUP 2016. Open access 

Journal Special Issues

Scandinavian Journal of History Special Issue: Gender, Material Culture and Emotions in Scandinavian History . 41 (3)2016 guest editors Jacqueline van Gent and Raisa Maria Toivo 

Journal of Family History Special Issue: ‘‘Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother’’: A History of Violence against Parent s 41 (3) 2016. Guest Editors Marianna Muravyeva and Raisa Maria Toivo