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HEX Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences

HEX is Academy of Finland CoE. Its mission is to rethink historical experiences, historical explanations and historical knowledge, and their place in the current world.

HEX in made of three research teams, which are Lived Religion, Lived Nation, and Lived Welfare State .

Research focus and goals

The conceptual and methodological innovation of HEX is the renewal of how experience is defined and used as a key part of historical analysis. The approach may be called analytical history of experiences. Empirically, the study focus on three big social constructions: (lived) religion, (lived) nation, and (lived) welfare state.

HEX is funded by Academy of Finland, Tampere University and various foundations.

Our partners:

  • Max Planck Institute for Human Development, History of Emotions, Germany
  • Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions
  • University of Southern Denmark, Danish Centre for Welfare Studies (DaWS) , Denmark
  • Linköping University, Child Studies (Tema Barn), Sweden
  • University of Warwick, Centre for the History of Medicine, The Cultural History of the NHS, UK

Other members



Contact persons

Professor, Director of HEX
Pirjo Markkola
pirjo.markkola [at]
+358 50 3187 731

Mikko Kemppainen
mikko.kemppainen [at]
+358 40 1901 557