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Tutors support new students as they begin their studies with Welcome Week

Published on 1.9.2023
Tampere University
Activities of the Welcome Week organised on the city centre campus last week. Photo: Eino Ansio
New students’ Welcome Week was organised on Tampere University’s campuses last week. The diverse programme offered new students with possibilities to get to know the University and student culture. Tutors act as a peer support for students and introduce them to the University community.

Over 3.000 new students begin their studies with the Welcome Week at Tampere University. During the week, new students, i.e., freshers, were introduced to, for example, the campuses, co-students and studies with the help of tutors.

The Welcome Week programme included, for example, events organised by faculties and degree programmes and meetings for students and tutors to get to know each other. As part of the Welcome Week, a bilingual Service Fair for new students was also organised on the city centre and Hervanta campuses. This year, the fair was organised in its present form for the second time.

Mikko Salminen, Specialist, Education and Learning, says the purpose of the fair is to introduce key services for new students.

“At the fair, new students can get to know the services according to their needs and interests. They can discuss with the service providers and ask detailed questions about, for example, Kela’s subsidies or SportUni’s sports services, if necessary,” Salminen mentions.

Students can get information about activities both within the University and those organised by outside actors. Activities provided by the Language Centre, possibilities via FabLab and events organised by the Student Union of Tampere University TREY, for example, are presented at the fair.

“With the event, we also want to remind new students that if you are facing challenges or need support during your studies, help is available for a wide variety of things,” Salminen notes.

Palvelumessut Hervannassa.
Service Fair for new students on the Hervanta campus last week. Photo: Eino Ansio

Getting the basics of student life in order

Salminen thanks tutors for bringing their tutor groups to visit the fair.

More than 700 national and about 200 international tutors are responsible for guiding the new students at Tampere University. The Student Union of Tampere University TREY helps with organising the tutoring. Among other things, TREY organises tutor recruitment and helps the University with tutor training.

Teemu Juutilainen, Specialist in Tutoring at TREY says that tutors help new students team up and offer them important guidance to the ways of university life. Together with the staff at the University, tutors also ensure that students get started in their studies.

According to Juutilainen, tutors often answer questions about course enrolments, student cards and student catering in particular. In his view, it is important for tutors to create an environment for students where they feel free to be curious and ask questions.

“Whether it is about studies, community, or student events, it is always worth asking. Someone else might be thinking the exact same thing,” Juutilainen points out.

Henkilökuva Teemu Juutilaisesta.
Teemu Juutilainen, Specialist in Tutoring at TREY encourages new students participating in the activities organised at the University community. Photo: Eino Ansio

Tutors building student community

Tutors continue to support students also after the Welcome Week in matters related to, for example, study practices. New students may be interested in e.g. the tutors’ student experiences.

“By sharing information of their minor subjects or personal study path, tutors can at best strengthen the students’ perception of their field of study and guide them towards their dreams,” Juutilainen mentions.

In addition to his post as a Specialist in Tutoring at TREY, Juutilainen has previously served as a tutor organiser at his student association for three terms. What motivates him to get involved repeatedly?

“Time and time again, meeting new students is rewarding. It is great to see students finding their place in the community,” Juutilainen says.


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