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Teaching and Learning Centre supports lecturers’ pedagogical expertise

Published on 18.9.2020
Tampere Universities
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The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) of the Tampere Universities Community supports the pedagogical competence of lecturers by gathering expertise from Tampere University and TAMK as well as the services that are available to teaching staff in our community.


The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) is a networking operating model that offers training and pedagogical support to lecturers in the entire Universities community in every career stage. For example, TLC organises seminars where researchers, lecturers and developers of teaching can present, discuss and further develop the fruits of their labour together. The aim is to make the results of these projects and development work available to the community.

TLC has a website on The website offers an avenue for seeking pedagogical support. Its contents include everyday issues in teaching, developing as a lecturer, the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, pedagogical management and teaching-related information systems. The site also features a training calendar that gathers the training offered to lecturers in the Universities community, and a Yammer discussion forum called the Lecturers’ flat. The website has been published in Finnish, but an English version will open later this autumn. The most important guidelines and staff training can still be found on the intranet of the Universities’ community.

“Increasingly more pedagogical expertise is required of lecturers. I hope that our teaching staff will embrace TLC's services and the support it provides and get involved in developing its contents and activities. There is a special need for them now that we have exceptional education arrangements due to the coronavirus pandemic,” says Vice President for Education Marja Sutela from Tampere University.   

“We believe that the operating model of the Tampere Universities community and the work we do here also interest others who work in the development of higher education both domestically and internationally. Strengthening pedagogical competence is a significant factor in the development of higher education,” says Vice President Päivi Karttunen from TAMK.

The development of the Teaching and Learning Centre began in the Tampere3 project in 2018 and gathering the contents for the website and technical implementation started in spring 2020. Experts from various units of the Universities community have participated in the planning and development. The working group is chaired by Director Hanna Ilola from TAMK.

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Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Director, Pedagogical Solutions Hanna Ilola, hanna.ilola [at], tel. 0400 263 675
Vice President for Education Päivi Karttunen, paivi.karttunen [at], tel. 050 568 5358

Tampere University:
Planning Officer Eila Pajarre, eila.pajarre [at], tel. 050 301 5681
Vice President for Education Marja Sutela, marja.sutela [at], tel. 040 721 5204