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Tampere University awards teaching excellence and pedagogical development

Published on 3.6.2021
Tampere University
Tampere University awarded two annual prizes for teaching excellence and pedagogical development. University Instructor Elina Viro was awarded for flipping in engineering mathematics teaching. The Degree Programme in Literary Studies and the Teema student association received the other prize for fostering the community spirit and promoting the well-being of staff and students in the degree programme during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Honorary mentions were presented to Assistant Professor (tenure-track) Sofie Pelsmakers and Doctoral Student Dalia Milian Bernal from the Unit of Architecture, Assistant Professor (tenure-track) Juliene Madureira Ferreira from the Faculty of Education, and University Instructor Liisa Mustanoja from the Degree Programme in Finnish Language.

“The award criteria are annually specified but awarding the prizes is always based on excellently organised and implemented teaching that supports the students’ holistic development and growth,” says Marja Sutela, Vice President for Education at Tampere University.

“This year, the aim was to highlight good virtual teaching practices that deserve to remain in use beyond the pandemic, and to reward pedagogical approaches, practices or courses whose ideas and processes have been refined in a specific way during the period of distance learning,” Sutela adds.

Nominees will present their work in a seminar series

This year, the prize criteria included that the exceptional COVID-19 circumstances had been successfully considered in teaching in a manner that has diversified learning and opened new possibilities for gaining a deeper understanding. In addition, the awarded teaching and the learning environment have fostered the community spirit and peer learning as well as communication between different parties. Promoting the well-being and motivation of students has also been a prominent part of the awarded activities.

The purpose of the prizes is to highlight high-quality teaching and pedagogical development.

“By giving prominence to teachers and groups who have developed their teaching, Tampere University wants to inspire others interested in pedagogical development. This year, the nominees were of an exceptionally high standard, which is why the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) will organise a series of seminars next autumn where some of the nominees will be invited to present their work and share their expertise with the Universities community,” says Education Specialist Tanja Helle from the TLC network. The mission of TLC is to enhance teachers’ pedagogical skills at Tampere Universities.