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Tampere University and TAMK consistently popular among applicants

Published on 8.4.2019
Tampere Universities
The application period for the national joint application to higher education 2019 closed yesterday. Altogether 17,343 applicants applied to study for Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and 28,265 to the new Tampere University through the joint application system. Both TAMK and Tampere University were the second most popular higher education institutions among applicants in Finland in their own sectors. Of all the universities in Finland, only the University of Helsinki received more applicants than Tampere University. Of the universities of applied sciences, TAMK was the second popular, when Metropolia University of Applied Sciences had the most applicants.

The number of applicants applying to Tampere University and TAMK remained approximately the same as last year. The number of the applicants to Tampere University slightly increased.

The Finnish-taught Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Administration was the most popular programme among applicants who listed TAMK as their first choice. The Degree Programme in Emergency Care was the second popular. Of the master's programmes offered by TAMK, the most popular was the Master's Degree Programme in the Management of Health Care and Social Services.

Based on the number of first-choice applicants, the most popular programmes offered by Tampere University were again the Degree Programme in Medicine and the Degree Programme in Business Studies. In addition, the number of applications in the engineering programmes grew.

The number of study places at Tampere Universities is close to 5,000. Some of these places are reserved for first-time applicants.

Tampere Universities receive wide interest

The Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere merged to create the new Tampere University on 1 January 2019. Tampere University of Applied Sciences is also part of this university community. Tampere Universities took part in the joint national application system for the first time as a one community of higher institutions.

“It is delightful to see that TAMK has maintained its attractiveness among the applicants and that our degree programmes continue to receive such a wide interest,” says TAMK’s Vice President Päivi Karttunen.   

“After the recent merger and the establishment of the new Tampere University, it is a great to see that the number of our applications have increased and the prospective students have found our degree programmes,” says Marja Sutela, Vice President of the Tampere University.   

Admission based on entrance examination or earlier educational certificate

Some of the applicants to Finnish-taught degree programmes are admitted based on their score on the Finnish matriculation examination that they complete in the upper secondary schools. In addition, some of the applicants to TAMK are admitted based on the GPA of their vocational certificate. These applicants will be notified of their admission in late May before the entrance examinations take place. Most of the students will be admitted to Finnish-taught programmes based on their score on the entrance examination.

All admission results of the joint national application system will be published in the Studyinfo portal by 28 June.

Tampere Universities bring together research and education, for example, in the fields of technology, health and society. The degrees of Tampere University place a special emphasis on scientific inquiry, whereas the degrees awarded by TAMK have a stronger practical focus. The close collaboration between Tampere University and TAMK ensures that students enjoy even wider course selection and have more opportunities to engage in projects and collaborate with the companies and industries.

The Tampere university community has approximately 30,000 students.

More information about entrance examinations for Finnish-taught degree programmes is available on the website of Tampere Universities.