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Tampere Universities pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030

Published on 16.9.2020
Tampere Universities
Ihmisiä pyöräilemässä Hervannan Kampusareenan pihalla
Tampere Universities are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will take major steps towards promoting ecological, social and economic sustainability in autumn 2020.

The journey towards net-zero carbon dioxide emissions will take sustained effort and systematic management, with the first step being the assessment of the university community’s current carbon footprint. The Carbon Group comprising representatives from both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, which was set up in the September 2020, will be responsible for calculating the carbon footprint.

The goal to become carbon neutral is only one of the sustainability and responsibility initiatives of Tampere Universities that will move forward this autumn.

“Supporting ecological, social and economic sustainability within Tampere Universities and in the broader society is an important strategic goal for us,” say Vice Presidents Kirsi Viskari and Marja Sutela who chair the Carbon Group.

Tampere Universities have a long history of fostering a culture of sustainability and are now taking steps to more closely integrate sustainability into their operations, education, research and interaction with society.

The goal is to identify a range of effective and multidisciplinary measures to promote sustainable development not only within the community but also at the national and international levels.

Majority of emissions from buildings and travel

The Carbon Group of Tampere Universities is tasked with coordinating the calculation of the carbon footprint, which started in spring 2020 with an assessment of the carbon emissions resulting from the campus buildings and staff travel, and with promoting measures to reduce carbon emissions.

The campus buildings and work-related travel are currently estimated to account for the majority of emissions generated by Tampere Universities. This estimate is based on an analysis carried out by the University of Turku and the main sources of emissions identified during the Carbon Neutral University 2030 project undertaken by the University of Helsinki.


Inquiries about the sustainable development activities of Tampere Universities:
Tampere University
Director, Innovations Taru Pilvi, tel. +358 503 842 966, taru.pilvi [at]

Impact Area Leader Eeva-Liisa Viskari, tel. +358 408 469 452, eeva-liisa.viskari [at]