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Tampere Universities community’s continuous learning services get under the name Tree

Published on 9.9.2020
Tampere Universities
Hymyilevä nainen ja Tree - Jatkuvan oppimisen palvelut logo
In the Tampere Universities community, actors in continuing education are intensifying their cooperation under a common brand name. The Continuous Learning Services of Tampere University and TAMK EDU of Tampere University of Applied Sciences are now Tree – Continuing Education. The organisations will not merge, but the services will be available under the shared name Tree.

“To support lifelong learning, Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences gather their extension studies under the common name of Tree this autumn. The name reflects capacity building through the metaphor of a tree,” Tampere University’s President Mari Walls said in the opening ceremony of the 2020/21 academic year.

Tree responds to the needs of a changing society and working life by providing companies, organisations and individuals with continuous training and other capacity building solutions that are grounded on research-based knowledge. It serves graduates in all postgraduate competence development needs.

“Maintaining and continuously developing competencies in society is the starting point of Tree's operations. As Tree, we are creating capacity building for a wide range of ruptures in society and working life. Training can happen with individuals, companies, or wider communities or networks. For our part, we want to be in the centre of responding to changing competence needs by building a living room for continuous learning. It will inspire and enable dialogues between different parties,” says Director Hanna Rinne from Tampere University.

Tree’s range of services includes extension studies and specialist training, Open University studies and transnational education. Competence development services such as coaching are also offered. In addition to paid training activities, the services include free training for participants when the education is supported from public funds.

“Continuing education offered by the Universities community can now be identified from the common brand. Tree unites a wide range of services and contributes to the production of solutions for new types of lifelong learning services. Together, we are developing better and more effective services with our customers,” says Director Carita Prokki from TAMK.

Tree participates in the Leadership Symposium.

On 9 September, the management of Tree is interviewed on both Leadership Symposium’s seminar channels at 15.15. Welcome to hear more!

Continuing education has a long history at Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Prior to the merger of the universities in 2019, continuing education was organised by the Continuing Education Centre Edutech of Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere’s Research and Training Centre Synergos as well as continuing education activities located in the faculties. Until now, TAMK EDU has been the name of continuing education services sold by Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The services can now be found in the one-stop shop Tree – Continuing Education.

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Contact persons:

Tampere University

Director Hanna Rinne, Working Life Relations and Continuous Learning, tel: 040 849 0331, hanna.rinne [at]
Manager Aino Sipari, Working Life Relations and Continuous Learning, tel: 050 318 2266, aino.sipari [at]

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Director Carita Prokki, Extension Studies, tel: 040 733 5650, carita.prokki [at]