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Tampere Universities community studies sales effects of artificial intelligence and robotics in ROBINS project

Published on 25.4.2019
Tampere Universities
The fast-developing digital sales and marketing are challenging Finnish enterprises. The importance of digitalisation for effective sales and internationalisation has not yet been understood in enterprises and research.

“We have noticed that enterprises do not have an understanding of how to manage sales in the digitalising environment and what digital tools are needed for international growth,” says Principal Lecturer and Doctor of Economic Sciences Pia Hautamäki from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The ROBINS project is built on cooperation between Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University. The objective of the research project is to study sales automation using robotics and artificial intelligence. The project will produce new information for Finnish enterprises. It will enable growth and internationalisation and promote scaled digital sales solutions and models.

“Digitalisation will change b-to-b sales and its management radically. Instead of the traditional one-way sales, present-day Finnish enterprises have to attract their customers using different information search channels,” Professor Leena Aarikka-Stenroos from Tampere University sums up.

The project consortium consists of six Finnish expert organisations: Differo, Gravicon, Gofore, Sales Communications, Codemen and Intolead. Together with these enterprises and with the support of research, models will be built for successful international growth.

Gofore’s CEO Timur Kärki, who is the chair of the project steering group, emphasises how important it is for enterprises to work in ecosystems. They enable international growth and success.

The research project will develop concrete operations and management models on automation and intelligent sales robotics based on the business cooperation and research. New information will be created on how sales and growth should be managed in the digital era and how sales take place in the ecosystems of the platform economy. In addition, guidelines are created on what digital tools enterprises of different size should use for international growth.

“We will distribute the project results actively to different interest groups and organise open seminars,” Hautamäki tells. She also rejoices in the increasing sales competence and research information in the Tampere Universities community’s networks and related new growth possibilities for regional enterprises. The latest research information will also become a part of sales education in the higher education institutions.

The two-year research project worth €1.7 million is financed by Business Finland. If you are interested in participating in the project events, please contact Project Director Pia Hautamäki.


Further information: Pia Hautamäki, Director of ROBINS Project, Principal Lecturer in Sales, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

pia.hautamaki [at], tel. +358 40 4156 827

Malla Mattila, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Director of ROBINS Project Consortium, University Lecturer, Tampere University

malla.mattila [at], tel. +358 50 404 8048