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TAMK’s fund-raising campaign yielded two million euros

Published on 23.1.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
TAMKin lahjoituskampanjan 2018 tulos (kuvakooste)
Tampere University of Applied Sciences received approximately €2 million as donations in 2018. The donors include almost hundred enterprises, communities and private persons.

“The result tells about trust and strong support for our regional and working life oriented higher education institution,” President Markku Lahtinen says.

TAMK’s management and staff were behind the successful fund-raising campaign. They participated in information distribution and active discussion with the interest groups. Director of TAMK’s School of Industrial Engineering Hannu Kivilinna tells that the work was worth it.

“All contacts did not necessarily lead to a donation but the best of all was to have fruitful discussions with enterprises on TAMK, education and other cooperation,” Kivilinna says. “During the discussions we received very positive feedback on our graduates’ competence and TAMK’s practical and solution-focused research in projects with enterprises.”

During the year we heard several good reasons for supporting TAMK with a donation. Enterprises need skilful workforce, latest field-specific information, innovations and practical applications as well as support for business development. The multidisciplinary TAMK has an important role in all these, especially in the Tampere Region.

One of the most touching feedbacks came from a furniture enterprise.

“Our thought was to give something back through the donation as we have gained so much from TAMK, for example support for our internationalisation. We also wanted to promote vitality of the Tampere Region,” CEO Mikko Harmanen from Visu Kaluste Oy stated.

In 2018 universities of applied sciences could for the first time collect donations and have the State of Finland’s match-funding based on the collected sum.

“We have promised to the donor enterprises that the collected funds will be used for developing education, learning environments and RDI. The donors will benefit from them in the long run,” President Markku Lahtinen states.