Have an impact by donating

When you donate to TAMK, you invest in the future.

By donating to Tampere University of Applied Sciences you participate in promoting professional higher education for the changing needs of working life.

TAMK is one of the largest and most popular higher education institutions in Finland. Our 10,000 students form a lively and innovative ecosystem. Donations enable them to have even better multidisciplinary education and to participate in research and development activities. Almost 2,000 new professionals graduate from TAMK annually. They build their careers offering the working life with latest knowledge and skills.

Closer cooperation with the University of Tampere opens new possibilities. From the beginning of 2019, TAMK will be a part of the new Tampere higher education community which offers strong working life expertise along with scientific research.

All donations are valuable to us!

The donation can be directed to development of the higher education institution in general (general donation fund), or donations of a minimum of 10,000 euros can be directed with a deed of donation to one of our following fields of study:

  • Humanities and Education
  • Culture
  • Social Sciences, Business and Administration
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services
  • Social Services, Health and Sports
  • Technology, Communication and Transport.

Contact us

You can contact us in any questions about donating to TAMK.

Markku Lahtinen
President, Managing Director
tel. +358 (0)50 524 6525
markku.lahtinen [at] tuni.fi

Heidi Moksen
Executive Assistant
tel. +358 (0)40 723 1947
heidi.moksen [at] tuni.fi