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TAMK starts change negotiations with the aim of establishing new practices and impactful cooperation

Published on 17.1.2023
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Tampere University of Applied Sciences will start change negotiations in January with the aim of adapting its operation to the changing conditions. In addition to changes in the operational environment and customer needs, the pressure for change and development is also added by TAMK’s specified strategic objectives, economic development in view and digitalisation.

The university of applied sciences’ basic tasks remain the same: TAMK’s operating licence calls for education, RDI and regional impact. It is necessary to develop TAMK’s operation and practices because the operating environment and customer needs are changing.

The focus areas of TAMK’s strategy emphasise internationality, working life connection and development of education. Cross-cutting research and development and transfer of related competence to education are needed to strengthen RDI and regional impact. Present-day tasks, roles and responsibilities have to be considered extensively to develop practices. The key factor is staff’s interaction and strength to work together in a more impactful manner.

The change negotiations beginning in January will concern Tampere University of Applied Sciences Ltd’s support services and principal lecturer positions. Development and reorganisation of operations and related potential redundancies or change of essential employment conditions will be established during the negotiations. Bases for the considered measures are financial, production-related and operational grounds and reorganisation of the employer’s operations.

The change negotiations will begin on 19 January and last for a minimum of six weeks. As the employer, TAMK estimates that the planned changes may lead to discontinuance, reorganisation, combination, change and reduction of tasks and related redundancies or relocation of employees to new positions as an alternative. At the beginning of the negotiations, the estimated need for redundancies is a maximum of 30 persons. 

Further information:  

President Tapio Kujala, tapio.kujala [at] (tapio[dot]kujala[at]tuni[dot]fi)  

Contact requests: Management Assistant Saana Jansson, tel. 050 478 5412, saana.jansson [at] (saana[dot]jansson[at]tuni[dot]fi)