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Support for studies and life - Universities community gets involved in International House services

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Photograph: Amanda Aho.
Tampere Universities community wants to play a role in promoting Tampere’s international appeal and attractiveness. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are participating in the International House Tampere service, which was launched in October.

The Universities community will improve services for international students through regional cooperation. The aim is, for example, to develop the employment of international students.

International House Tampere brings together Tampere’s international services for education, labour-based migration, multilingual counselling, capacity building and recruitment. The services are related to settling in a new city, working, studying, and meeting with employers.

“For us at the Tampere Universities community, cooperation is of paramount importance. Students need help and guidance on many issues that we in higher education do not necessarily know how to address. It is therefore important to ensure that students have access to information that will help them to develop a sense of community and root themselves in Tampere, their study city. Students need information on issues such as housing, dealing with public authorities or finding a job. With the International House service, we can support international students in the best possible way,” say Presidents Mari Walls and Tapio Kujala from Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The Universities community is offering a Study & Stay programme. The programme – which is presented to international students at the start of their studies – brings together services and events. Students will receive support for their studies, employment, and entrepreneurship. The programme was developed by Tampere University and TAMK together with the City of Tampere.

Tampere Universities community produces the SIMHE service (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland) in the International House environment. It provides support and information on such issues as educational choices, continuous education, and language and study skills requirements.

International House Tampere will open on Friday 15 October. An event for invited guests will be followed by a hybrid event, which will be webcast for all to follow.

Watch the video presenting the Study & Stay programme and join us!
(You transfer to the Tampere University YouTube channel)

Read more about the International House on the City of Tampere’s website.

Event: International House Tampere Opening

Merja Hanhimäki, Head of Learning and Well-being Services (TAMK), merja.hanhimaki [at], +358408363178
Kaisa Keskitalo, Head of Student Services (Tampere University), kaisa.keskitalo [at], +358407545951

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