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Spotlight on ITC Faculty: Discover our research and our researchers

Published on 15.3.2024
Tampere University
The Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) provides a unique, multidisciplinary environment for research and education. We bring together a strong tradition and recognised expertise in the humanities, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and theatre and drama. You can learn more about our tenure-track researchers and research through our videos. The videos are available with subtitles in both English and Finnish.

The broad spectrum of our disciplines opens up excellent opportunities to deliver multidisciplinary research and teaching across organisational boundaries. ITC has the potential to generate knowledge and solutions to address the complex challenges of our global, digital and multicultural society that is committed to sustainable development.

A unique combination for a better world.

Sayani Majumdar, Associate Professor (tenure track), Thin Film Electronics 


Gerardo Iniguez Gonzalez, Associate Professor (tenure track), Complex systems


Archontis Politis, Assistant Professor (tenure track), signal processing and machine learning


Konstantinos Stefanidis, Professor, Data science

Mattia Thibault, Assistant Professor (tenure track), Translation in the Creative Industries 

Johanna Virkki, Associate Professor, (tenure track),  Gameful Technology


Oguz Buruk, Assistant Professor (tenure track), Gameful Experience


Robert Bregovic, Assistant Professor (tenure track), Signal Processing

Daria Dayter, Associate Professor (tenure track), English language and linguistics

Sanna Kumpulainen, Associate Professor (tenure track), Information Studies

Leena Mikkola, Associate Professor (tenure track), Communication

You can find more videos from tenure-track researchers and other videos from our faculty at youtube ITC´s playlist.

For more information on what a tenure track is, please visit the university's website.

The videos have been produced in collaboration with Kaski Agency and Karu Films.