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Open Science Steering Group appointed for the University

Published on 6.6.2022
Tampere University
Keskustakampus kesällä
The Steering Group leads, supports and monitors the realization of the objectives for Open Science.

An Open Science Steering Group has been appointed for Tampere University. The Steering Group is responsible for preparing and updating the guidelines and action plan for Open Science. Its task is to lead, support and monitor the realization of set goals, and to make the required decisions.

The spectrum of Open Science covers research culture, publishing, research data, infrastructures and methods, and open education.

The members of the Open Science Steering Group are:

  • Chairperson: Provost Jarmo Takala
  • Director Riitta Lähdemäki, Library
  • Chief Information Officer Pekka Kähkipuro, IT Services
  • Director Emilia Katajajuuri, Operations Management and Administrative Services, Employer Affairs
  • Director Pauli Kuosmanen, Research and Innovation Services
  • Director Jukka Mäkinen, Education and Learning
  • Director Anna-Maria Maunu, Communications and Media Relations

Representing the Faculties:

  • Associate Professor (tenure track) Päivi Hökkä
  • Professor Jaakko Nevalainen
  • Dean Seppo Parkkila

In addition, Helena Laaksonen, Director of The Finnish Social Science Data Archive, has been invited as an expert member in data matters.

To support the Steering Group, a separate working group will be set up to prepare drafts and proposals for monitoring, implementation, and decision-making. The working group is led by Susanna Nykyri, Chief Specialist in Open Science, the Library.

The Steering Group may call on other experts if necessary. The Steering Group is appointed for a non-fixed term.

Additional information: susanna.nykyri [at]