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More than 2 000 students graduate from Tampere University – ceremonies on the city centre and Hervanta campuses

Published on 7.6.2023
Tampere University
Yliopistosta valmistuneet kulkevat jonossa juhlaan ylioppilaslakit päässä, etualalla kuohuviinilaseja.
Students celebrating graduation on the Hervanta campus in 2019. Photo: Jonne Renvall
In the first half of 2023, over 2000 students graduate from Tampere University. The speeches at the Graduation Ceremonies address the transformation of working life and recent graduates’ confidence in the future.

By 5 June 2023, 893 students have completed a bachelor’s degree, 1047 a master’s degrees and 63 a doctoral degree at Tampere University. The numbers include a record number of 138 Licentiates of Medicine graduated earlier this spring. The figures are not final as new degrees are still being recorded.

The Graduation Ceremony speeches will highlight the transformations of working life and their effects on the employment of recent graduates.

“The door to the university will remain open even after graduation because digitalisation, the application of artificial intelligence, and the temporal and local fragmentation of working life will increase the need for continuous learning. Tampere University offers its alumni flexible opportunities for the continuous supplementation of competence and co-creation during their careers. We hope our partnership will last a lifetime,” says Vice President for Education Marja Sutela from Tampere University.

Graduates are carried forward by a firm belief in a good future

In the spring semester, a record number of Licentiates of Medicine graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology. Speaking at the doctors’ Graduation Ceremony and Hippocratic oath event, new physician Jimi Niemi mentioned the support he had received from his fellow students especially in moments of professional uncertainty.

“It is a unique experience to be able to grow into a mentally demanding and wonderful profession practically at the same pace as so many great people. It’s friendship and mutual understanding; that much-called collegiality,” Niemi said.

In their graduation ceremony speeches in June, the new MSc (Tech.) Vinod Kumar and MSc (Biosciences) Promise Emeh will encourage the new graduates to enjoy the fruits of their work of several years and to be openly proud of their achievements. They believe that the world is full of possibilities that just need to be found.

“For us, graduation means starting a new chapter in our lives, filled with possibilities to pursue our passions and positively impact the world,” reminds Emah who will next concentrate on her doctoral research.

As an international student, Kumar thanks the faculty for managing the situation excellently during the Covid-19 emergency.

“I would like to give a message to all the graduates to continue the hard work and pursue your career goals. The process may be gradual, but we will all achieve what we have dreamt of,” Kumar encourages others.

Ceremonies on the city centre and Hervanta campuses

This year, the Graduation Ceremonies are celebrated on Friday 9 June at 18.00 in the main auditorium of the Festia building on the Hervanta campus (Korkeakoulunkatu 8) and on Saturday 10 June at 12.00 in the main auditorium of Päätalo on the city centre campus (Kalevantie 4).

Speeches will be given by Specialist Jussi Nousiainen from TEK trade union for academic engineers and architects and Vice President for Education Marja Sutela and Vice President for Research Tapio Visakorpi from Tampere University.

The alumni’s speech will be given by journalist Markus Määttänen from the Aamulehti newspaper. The graduates’ speeches will be given by Vinod Kumar and Promise Emeh. TREY Student Union of Tampere University will be represented by Board member Helena Ukkola.

Further programme details are available in Tampere University’s events calendar:

New co-operation model supports the quick employment of new graduates

The Quickly to Work -project ending in June created a novel co-operation model between Tampere Universities and the City of Tampere’s Employment and Growth Services. Together, a networking meeting, group sparring, a workshop and an event with alumni were organised for newly graduated job seekers.

“The feedback we received from job seekers has been overwhelmingly positive, jobs have been found and networking has advanced,” says project manager, specialist Mira Valkonen from Tampere University’s Working Life Relations and Lifelong Learning Unit.

The co-operation between Tampere Universities and the City of Tampere created in the project will continue next autumn. The project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture was carried out by Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and the City of Tampere.

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