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Matching global talent and local business

Published on 6.6.2019
Tampere Universities
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International Tampere Hub is a collaborative project to leverage the potential of international experts. The companies in the Tampere region are utilising the potential of international experts insufficiently. The Tampere region is currently losing international experts to other countries and the metropolitan area in Finland.

The City of Tampere and the Tampere University Community combine forces in the International Tampere Hub joint project to create a coordinated Tampere region service model, which brings companies and international experts together more efficiently. The project brings together services aimed at companies and international experts on a one-stop-shop basis. The project develops international partnership networks and cooperation between the higher education institutes and the business networks.

The measures of the International Tampere Hub are directed at international experts already living in the Tampere region and in improving their employment and entrepreneurship paths. Another package of measures is aimed at attracting international students and employees and supporting companies in international recruitment.

”The central objective of the International Tampere Hub project is to build a concrete and permanent service package for Tampere. The service package will gather together services for both companies and international experts. The International Tampere Hub project will utilise proven operating models as parts of the permanent structures,” says the Head of the City of Tampere Talent Attraction and Migration, Mari Taverne.

”There is a lot of international potential in the Tampere region. We must work together to ensure the attraction and retention capability of Tampere to ensure that, for example, international experts graduating with higher education stay in the area. The employment of international students in companies in the region is still limited. The services of international experts must be developed further so that the international expert potential will not leave Tampere after their studies are finished,” Vice President for Education, Marja Sutela from the University of Tampere sums up.

International Tampere Hub project 1.5.2019–30.4.2021


  • Establishes the International Tampere Hub - a contact centre for companies and international experts
  • Intensifies the cooperation between actors working in the area of international expertise
  • Increases sworking life connections for international students and develop language and career services for them
  • Strengthens the cityʼs ability to attract and retain experts as an international city for study, work and innovation
  • Develops entrepreneurial and startup services for international professionals
  • Utilises targeted marketing and digital methods in attracting international experts and guiding customers
  • The target area for the project is the Tampere region.

The funding of the project is a part of the Economy Boost AIKO-funding by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, managed by the Council of Tampere Region. The Talent Boost operational program channels the expertise of international experts to support the growth of companies and develops the Finnish labour market to become more open to international experts.

For more information:
Mari Taverne, Head of Talent Attraction and Migration, City of Tampere. Tel. +358 40 801 2686, mari.taverne [at]
Kaisa Keskitalo, Manager, University of Tampere. Tel. +358 70 754 5951, kaisa.keskitalo [at]

Hanna Pihlajarinne, Principal Lecturer, Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Tel. +358 40 630 5235, hanna.pihlajarinne [at]


Photo: Mika Kanerva