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The library's new pick-up service points have been opened - you can also pick up material from Linna and TAMK Main Campus

Published on 2.6.2020
Tampere Universities
Pick-up service points for the material ordered with the form have been opened at the Linna and TAMK Main campus units. The pick-up service point in Hervanta will continue to operate. Pick-up points are open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Access to pick-up points with key card. If you cannot access with your key card, please contact info services in order to check/activate your admittance.

The pick-up service points of the library are located in different premises in controlled areas.

  • Linna pick-up service point is in the Idea space next to the main entrance of the Linna Library. There is a separate entrance from the outside from its own, separate front door.
  • TAMK Main campus pick-up service is in the main lobby on the Teiskontie side of the building. The TAMK Main campus pick-up service point is closed in week 26 (11. - 26. June 2020) due to selection tests.
  • In Hervanta the pick-up service point will continue its service in the Campus Arena's 1st floor shortloan room in the same way as throughout the epidemic.
  • All pick-up points are open Mon-Fri 8-16, Sat-Sun closed.

Library addresses and contact info.

Members of the Tampere University community can now order normally borrowed 14-day and 28-day loans with this order form. The loan periods for the books are normal during the summer and you can see the due date from the loan receipt you received in connection with the loan and from the Andor search service. Ordering and picking up books from the library's pick-up points is currently only possible for members of the University community (does not apply to open university or open polytechnic students).

The library's chat service is available to you online in the summer on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

The library services are on a short summer break in the summer. Pick-up points, chat service and telephone services will be closed from 6th of July to 19th of July 2020.

In spite of the closure of the library premises, all of the library's online services will continue to function normally.

This page contains Tampere University Library policies during the corona virus pandemic.