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The launch of TUNICRIS research information system is close

Published on 25.8.2020
Tampere Universities
TUNICRIS, the joint research information system of Tampere University and Pirkanmaa Hospital District, will be introduced on October 12, 2020. TUNICRIS replaces SoleCRIS, TUTCRIS and Julki (currently used by the hospital district).

The research information system will be used to register and maintain publications, academic activities and other research information of Tampere University and Pirkanmaa Hospital District. Elsevier was chosen as the system provider after an open tender procedure. Elsevier Pure has been in use at the Hervanta campus since 2015. 

Transition schedule

  • Registering publications and expert tasks in current systems ends on September 30
  • Registration break from October 1 to October 11. New data cannot be registered in research information systems during this time. The library transfers publication data, activities and personal profiles from current systems to TUNICRIS
  • You can check the data transferred to TUNICRIS and save new data starting from October 12
  • TUNICRIS portal opens to public in November 

What does the user have to do? 

  • After October 12, check your information and report any issues to the library. Old systems are still available for browsing and checking your information. Please check your information by the end of November
  • Researcher profiles are private in TUNICRIS by default so you must personally set your profile public. A public profile enhances the visibility of your research outside your own organization and enables others to browse your expert information in the TUNICRIS portal. Therefore it is recommended to set your profile public unless you have a specific need to hide it. Changing profile settings also applies to user profiles transferred from TUTCRIS 

The library will organize TUNICRIS presentations and training for research and teaching staff from the end of September. The dates of the events will be announced in the intranet event calendar and other channels. Instructions for checking your information and changing the visibility of your profile will be published in the CRIS guide before the launch. 

More information: cris.tau [at]