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Finnish newspapers and journals for research use

Published on 28.1.2020
The 1930-2018 volumes of Finnish digital newspapers and magazines included in the collections of the National Library have been opened for research purposes to the Tampere University community.

The National Library's digital resources can be found at

Research use refers to non-commercial scientific, artistic, thesis research or thesis work carried out by students, researchers, and teaching and research staff. Users also have the option of analyzing the journal material mechanically and creating data sets from it for study verification and subsequent research.

Users are identified by their HAKA identification (Tuni ID of the Tampere University community):

  1. Choose etusivulla Login and after that choose Haka login
  2. Tunnistaudu organisaatiosi Haka-tunnuksilla.
  3. In the Access Restricted Material window, select Aloita-Begin.
  4. Please read the terms of use and fill out the License Form. Note. Alternatively, research and education fields are compulsory, ie only one of them is needed. 
  5. Check the information you have entered under Confirm and press Accept.
  6. If you wish, you can save the Terms of Service and your response on your own device.
  7. Press Close. Newspapers and magazines from 1930-2018 are now available to you.

The National Library and Kopiosto provide the service as part of the Tutkain Project for 2020-2022. The Tampere University community is involved in Tutkain with 14 other universities. More information about the service and licenses can be found on the Tutkain project website.

Feedback and additional information: %20library [at]