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Exceptional situation into photographs by TAMK’s student project

Published on 6.5.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Heijastuksia ruokailuvälineissä”I have time to stop round such small things and think they are worth seeing.” Photo: Emma Similä
When the government planned declaring a state of emergency, Senior Lecturer Tommi Moilanen from TAMK’s School of Media, Music and Art had his finger on the pulse. Moilanen gave his second-year students an assignment which kept them attentive in isolation. The students documented their life on Instagram for a month from 18 March. Now the assignment has been completed and the account has almost 600 followers.

“I wanted the students to have a meaningful and professionally developing daily routine. At the same time, they also collected themselves a small photograph diary,” Moilanen says.

The students studied lights and shadows, stopped to admire reflections, stood on their head, prepared Finnish Easter pudding and walked along empty streets. And of course took photographs.

According to Tommi Moilanen, the strange time deserves to be documented. The aim is to compile a traditional exhibition on the photographs later.

“Such autobiographical documentations always reveal interesting viewpoints and important picture of the times.”

Taneli Vähärautio syö mämmiä parvekkeellaan puku päällä.
”The photo is related to a short video project (I don’t usually eat Finnish Easter pudding so festively) but it is probably ok to share it now on Easter.” Photo: Taneli Vähärautio

Other similar projects are underway around the world. Anyone can participate in them on Instagram using the hashtag #massisolation.

The corona situation pushes us farther away from one another but also brings us closer together in a new way. Because people cannot meet each other, some tell more about their life in social media. We may see new sides of our friends’ and even strangers’ lives.

In Moilanen’s opinion, it is typical that a historic situation spawns many similar projects.

“People have a strong need to document and share their life and experiences with their environment. And it is great that it is done in a variety of ways.”

Ihminen makaa sängyllä ja hieroo silmiään
”22 square metres, two persons and a quarantine.” Photo: Milla Lähtevänoja
Kaksi kättä, valoja ja varjoja
”There has been remote teaching on light and it has been interesting to notice how much more lights and shadows I have started to see.” Photo: Elisa Salonen 
Yksisarvinen opiskelee
”Luckily I have a diligent substitute who wants to attend remote lectures.” Photo: Sara Salovaara

Text: Emmi Rämö
Photographs: students of the photography project

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