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Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman: the University Regulations comply with applicable laws

Published on 28.3.2019
Tampere University
Yesterday the Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman issued a response to a complaint requesting the Ombudsman to investigate the legal compliance of the University Regulations approved by the Transitional Board of Tampere University Foundation, which operates as Tampere University. The Ombudsman found that the University Regulations comply with applicable laws.

The issues raised had to do with, for example, whether the Academic Board may be chaired by a person who does not sit on the Academic Board, namely the Provost. In addition, the complaint concerned the role of the Appointment Committee in the preparations ahead of the appointment of the Board. 

In the response, the Parliamentary Ombudsman notes that the power to decide on the University Regulations is a key element of the autonomy of universities. The Board of a university has the power to decide on the University Regulations that govern the relationships between the administrative bodies of a university. The Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman finds that there are no sufficient legal basis for the Ombudsman to intervene in the course of action taken by the University’s Board and that the Ombudsman has no objection regarding the lawfulness of decisions taken by the Transitional Board. However, the Ombudsman proposes that the Ministry of Education and Culture assess whether it is necessary to further specify the Universities Act to eliminate any ambiguity as to the autonomy of universities.

“The Deputy Parliamentary Ombudsman’s response fully reflects our University’s own views and operational model. It is good that these issued have now been resolved and we can move forward and focus on developing our new University,” says Mari Walls, President of Tampere University. 

More information is provided in the notice issued by the Parliamentary Ombudsman: