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Changes to library's search service Andor

Published on 24.6.2020
Tampere Universities
The search index working in the background of library's search service, Andor, changes. Search index is an aggregated index of hundreds of thousands of scholarly journals articles, in addition to many other resource types. The new CDI search index has more comprehensive content and also several technical improvements that make managing it easier.

In future the search results will also include citations i.e. results where the full-text of the result is not available. This way abstracting and indexing databases aqcuired by the library can be better utilized by the researchers.

The users will see these changes in as a small increase in search results and citations appearing among the results.

Citations can be filtered out of results by choosing "Held by library" from the facets on the left side of the screen. This way you get all the printed and electronic materials aqcuired by the library to the results.

By choosing "Available online" from the facets you get all the electronic materials to the results, also open access materials that won't show up in "Held by library" filter.

Change will take place on Wednesday 24.6.