Doctoral dissertation

Arto Hietanen: More efficiency to the work of security authorities by managing the concept of organizational citizenship behavior

The thesis of Master of Administrative Sciences Arto Hietanen studies the management of organizational citizenship behavior in the Finnish security authorities from the perspective of strategic human resource management.

The key phenomenon in the study is the English term ”Organizational Citizenship Behavior”, as defined in 1983 by Smith, Organ and Near. The aim of the research is to understand the ways in which the organizational citizenship behavior is directed as part of the strategic human resource management within the organizations and staff of the safety authorities.

The study aims to survey the essential skills in organizational citizenship behavior required in the Finnish public sector safety authorities, namely the Police, the Defence Forces and the Border Guard, as well as to examine the special features of the phenomenon within these safety organizations.

This is a qualitative study, the material of which was collected by interviewing professionals from various units in the safety authorities, who are responsible for planning, directing or management. The material from the interviews was then studied using an analysis model by Ruusuvuori, Nikander and Hyvärinen.

The study shows that organizational citizenship behavior is not fully recognized as an independent, manageable whole in the safety authorities’ organizations, but that it is managed as part of other management.

According to the results, organizational citizenship behavior is highly regarded in achieving the strategic goals of the safety authorities. The study also reveals that the essential skills in organisational citizenship behavior of the safety authorities are mainly very similar to those of other organizations. A key skill in organizational citizenship behavior is following commands, instructions and orders. One of the main results of the study is that commanding leadership has no negative effect on the workers’ organizational citizenship behavior when it comes to operative and demanding work tasks, whereas in the normal day-to-day work it does affect negatively.

The doctoral dissertation of Master of Administrative Sciences Arto Hietanen in the field of administrative science titled Työyhteisötaitojen johtaminen turvallisuusviranomaisissa - Strategisen henkilöstöjohtamisen näkökulma will be publicly examined at the Faculty of Management and Business of Tampere University at 12 o'clock on Friday 29 October. The venue is Pinni B building auditorium 1096, address: Kanslerinrinne 1.  Docent Alisa Puustinen from Emergency Services Academy Finland. Professor Sirpa Virta will act as the custos.

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