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Architecture students plan the development of the city centre campus

Published on 10.1.2020
Tampere Universities
Arkkitehtiopiskelijoiden näyttely Päätalon aulassa tammikuussa 2020Desing & illustration: Jonna Miettinen
An exhibition of architecture students’ work from an advanced course in architectural design is open for public from 13 to 31 January. The students have worked on visions to develop the city centre campus

Invited by the campus development unit, the exhibition features student works that explore the relationships between facilities and activities and learning, knowledge work, and hybrid environments on and around the city centre campus.

The aim of the course focusing on built public environment was to deepen understanding of the interaction between users and environments and to design new buildings that draw inspiration from the already existing ones. The aim was to vitalise the existing environment, critically examine the nature of the area and to support it by providing new spaces for learning and working.

Tampere and many other medium-sized cities in Europe are having to redefine their identity in the face of economic and demographic changes. Global developments, for example, in mobile technology have also affected the way we use physical environments. In future-oriented sustainable construction, it is increasingly important to understand the historical strata of the urban environment and how people use, experience and remember their environment.

The course was taught by University Instructor Jenni Poutanen and SAFA Architects Maria Ahokas and Antti Moisala.

“In campus development, we recognise the enormous potential of our students as part of the ongoing campus development work in the Tampere higher education community,” says Director of Campus Development Satu Hyökki.

“We have interesting works that renew and revitalise the city centre campus area in the exhibition. The exhibited student visions promote dialogue in the spatial and operational development of the campuses,” Hyökki continues.

The campus development project is one of Tampere University’s five-year strategic projects. Its goal is to develop Tampere University’s campuses and to create the best campus environment for the University community members where they can study, work, explore, meet, interact, enjoy and experience.

The exhibition is open to the public from 13 to 31 January during the opening times of Päätalo on the main campus.

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