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About me

I am responsible of Tampere Microscopy Center (TMC) infrastructure (Head of TMC: Prof. Minnamari Vippola ) together with Dr. Turkka Salminen. In practice: coordinator and facilitator at TMC, training and guiding electron microscopy operators, materials characterization collaboration in various TAU projects and other academic and research institutes, teaching in the field of materials characterization, co-operation with national and international microscopy laboratories and networks.


TMC equipment: scanning electron microscopes (Zeiss ULTRAplus with EDS and EBSD, JEOL JSM-IT500 with EDS and low-vacuum mode), (scanning) transmission electron microscope (JEOL JEM-F200 with EDS and EELS), TMC sample preparation methods.

Consortium principal investigator in the project "Magnetic Barkhausen Noise: From Fundamental Physics to Non-Destructive Testing, Barfume" funded by Research Council of Finland.

Fields of expertise

Characterization of catalysts, other nanomaterials and structures, magnetic materials, steels, composites, ceramics, coatings, bio-based materials etc. 

My profile at TUNICRIS 

Research unit

Tampere Microscopy Center