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Temporary attendees in recurring meetings

Tampere University and TAMK

The organisers of meetings should note that in recurring Teams meetings, access rights should only be given to relevant people. People who are temporarily invited to an individual meeting in a series of recurring meetings should be removed afterwards because failing to do so means that the temporary attendees will continue to be able to read the posts in the chat view of the recurring meeting.

We recommend that special care should be taken when writing in the chat view of a meeting, and the possible future visibility of what has been written should be considered.

Before the meeting the organiser can temporarily add a person to the Teams meeting from the discussion view and choose from these options for viewing the posts:

  • Do not include chat history
  • Include history from the last days: number
  • Include the entire discussion history

By default, a person temporarily added to a meeting does not receive rights to, for example, a memo that has been made earlier in the meeting. If necessary, he or she must separately request such rights.

After the meeting, the organiser must remove the temporary participants. This can be done via the participants icon in the top right corner of the chat view.

When people are removed from the chat view of a meeting, the remover will be notified “Do you want to remove X Y from the chat? He or she can still see chat history.”

After being removed, the participant will still have access to the discussions that took place during the meeting, but not to any future discussions.

The attendee can also leave a group chat by clicking on the three dots next to the meeting name and selecting Leave.

Leave or remove someone from a group chat (Microsoft)

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Published: 16.11.2020
Updated: 22.12.2023