Gaurav Mohanty

Assistant Professor (tenure track), ---
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
| Sub unit: Materials Science and Environmental Engineering | Lab or field: Engineering Materials Science (EMS)
Gaurav Mohanty

About me

My current research focusses on studying the deformation behavior of materials at micro/nanometer length scales using in-situ micromechanical testing inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM). We use a focused ion beam (FIB) to mill micro-specimens, like micropillars for compression and micro-cantilevers for fracture tests, and study their mechanical properties over wide range of test conditions - cryogenic to ultra-high temperatures (-150 to 1000°C), strain rates (0.0001 to 10,000 /s), impact, fracture and fatigue - to understand the fundamental operative deformation mechanisms and to predict mechanical performance. Concurrently, we are also developing novel experimental techniques that enable performing time-dependent transient and high cycle fatigue tests at small length scales. My research group explores temperature and strain rate effects in materials ranging from metals, alloys, semiconductors and ceramics to thin films and coatings. 

Consulting hours

By appointment. Send an email to agree on a meeting time in advance.  

For prospective students/applicants: I am always looking forward to working with motivated students who are interested in pursuing their master's and PhD thesis in the exciting field of small scale mechanics! If you are a prospective pos-doctoral reseacher, we can explore applying for funding together. Drop me an email and we can take the conversation forward. 

For industry: We have unique experimental capabilities and scientific expertise that can help metals/materials industry to stay globally competitive. We can assist in indentifying and solving problems related to mechanics at small lenth scales - e.g. interfacial failure, fracture, fatigue, impact, cryogenic and high temperature deformation, high strain rate testing - in all classes of materials (metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites and glasses). In particular, we specialize in testing thin films, coatings, multilayers, bond coats and small scale devices (MEMS). We are actively looking to collaborate with Finnish and EU industries in the framework of joint projects (Business Finland, Eurostars and other EU level funding) and direct projects. Get in touch with us to know more!