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About me

Starting form December 2023 I continued research in my own project Science-policy organisations in the era of post truth. During spring 2024 I will visit Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ.

I worked at the Academy of Finland project LONGRISK during 2021-2023. First in Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen’s research group and during 2023 in the University of Helsinki.

My background is in interdisciplinary environmental sciences and ecology. My key research interest is in how knowledge regarding nature could benefit transformative change. I have studied interactions between knowledge and policy, science-policy organisations, and sustainability transformation/transition. Often research has involved collaboration with practical partners.

Project links

Research fields

environmental social sciences

Selected publications

Salomaa A. & Arponen A. 2023. The role of the Red Lists of Ecosystems in leveraging sustainability changes in Finland – perceptions of the assessors. Ecosystems and People, 19:1.

Arponen A. & Salomaa A. 2023. Transformative potential of conservation actions. Biodiversity and Conservation.

Soininen N., Juhola S., Kahiluoto H., Korhonen-Kurki K. & Salomaa A. 2022. Kestävyyden muutosteoriat. Kirjassa Halonen T., Korhonen-Kurki K, Niemelä J. & Pietikäinen J. (toim.) Kestävyyden avaimet - Kestävyystieteen keinoin ihmisen ja luonnon yhteiseloon. Gaudeamus.

Salomaa A. & Juhola S. 2020. How to assess sustainability transformations: a review. Global Sustainability 3, e24, 1–12. 

Salomaa A. 2018. Co-production for fundamental changes: a response to Sutherland et al. Oryx 52(4): 617. 

Paloniemi R., Hujala T., Rantala S., Harlio A., Salomaa A., Primmer E., Pynnönen S., Arponen A. 2018. Integrating Social and Ecological Knowledge for Targeting Voluntary Biodiversity Conservation. Conservation Letters 11(1):1-10. 

Salomaa A., Paloniemi R., Kotiaho J.S., Kettunen M., Apostolopoulou E. & Cent J. 2017. Can green infrastructure help to conserve biodiversity? Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space 35(2): 265–288.