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Career Stories

Our community comprises close to 5,100 employees who occupy positions from research to teaching to support services. Ours is the second largest university community in Finland, and we engage in close collaboration across our campuses.

Watch our employees talk about their work in our community.


Marika Vuorenmaa. Photo: TAMK

Head of Degree Programme Marika Vuorenmaa, TAMK

Marika Vuorenmaa started as an innovation specialist at TAMK. In a year she became the head of degree programme at TAMK’s Y-kampus. Y-kampus offers entrepreneurship and innovation services in the higher education community.

”I get ideas from my earlier work experience at Nokia and as an entrepreneur. Y-kampus is an environment which resembles a growth company. We are continuously developing new ways to increase young people’s entrepreneurship skills and creativity. It is important to listen to customers and be ahead of the times.”

Leena Mäkelä. Photo: TAMK

Principal Lecturer Leena Mäkelä, TAMK

TAMK’s Principal Lecturer Leena Mäkelä researches and develops the media field at Mediapolis.

”At Mediapolis we cooperate closely with Yle and other enterprises. Learning from one another is the most interesting: we know what working life needs and learn from professionals but also understand better what we have to offer.”

Erkki Brotkin. Photo: TAMK

Senior Adviser Erkki Brotkin, TAMK

Erkki Brotkin is among the first to participate in joint projects of the higher education community. He is building the community’s online services in the IT cooperation unit with colleagues from TAMK and the university.

”It is important for me that work challenges me daily and employees have the possibility to influence what they want to do. Even more important is the chance to work with these great people. I learn something new from my workmates every day and the atmosphere is always good.”