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MESH – Employing immigrants via networks and mentoring

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Support Career Development by Using Networking Steps, Mentoring Programme and Mentor Coaching.

The MESH Networks and Mentoring in Support of Immigrant Employment project has supported the career development and employment of international experts by developing career mentoring, mentor coaching and networking practices. Stay tuned to this site to strengthen your own career development or support the careers of others! 

Who is the MESH model for?

Networks play an important role in working life, as they can strengthen a professional career or yield new job opportunities. Networking is an ongoing process that requires varying levels of activity depending on your life situation. It is particularly relevant at the transition stages of life — for example, when moving to a new country or planning to move, when returning to work from parental leave or when re-educating. 

Anyone can use the models created in the MESH project, but they were primarily created for highly educated immigrants developing their careers.

The materials are also useful for professionals working with immigrants, such as study advisors and counsellors.