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Anna Heikkinen, university lecturer

Published on 3.3.2021
updated on 3.3.2021
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Anna Heikkinen, university lecturer.

Anna Heikkinen holds a doctorate and a docentship in economics. She works as a university lecturer specialising in management and organisations and is the teacher responsible for the Master’s Degree Programme in Responsible Business in the Faculty of Management and Business. Her research explores sustainable and responsible business, urban nature, climate change and the role of companies in society. In her free time, Anna enjoys horseback riding and foraging for wild mushrooms.

What does the scientific community mean to you?

“First of all, the scientific community offers me the opportunity to engage in collaborative research projects that also support my own research. Joining forces with colleagues from different disciplines opens up new possibilities for the holistic examination of society and sustainable development. In addition, the scientific community represents academic freedom, namely the freedom to look into even the trickiest issues facing our society.”

What do you expect from the future?

“As I want to get ahead in my academic career, securing funding for establishing my own research group is a definite priority. I am looking to examine business as a driver of sustainable development. My goals are to carry out internationally recognised research as well as advance my career and expand my expertise by spending time doing research abroad.”

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