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Electronic signature in Aarre case management system

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tampere Universities) are using Aarre case management system and the related signature service where official documents can be signed.

Message about a signature

You can sign a document after you have received an email from Tampere Universities to sign one. The message always contains the following information:

Sender: TUNI Allekirjoituspalvelu / TUNI Signing Service
Subject line: New invitation to sign

The invitation contains the sender’s name and contact details so that you can get in touch with him or her when necessary. Because of data security reasons, the message does not contain any further identifying details. The details are available once you have signed in the system.

Instructions on signing

  1. Open the email you have received and click ‘Open document’.
  2. Choose ‘’ as your method of identification.
  3. Sign in using the form of identification you have chosen (e.g. e-banking codes).
  4. Check the content of the document sent for your signature. The document may begin with the signature page. In the Attachments tab of the view, you can also check the attachments if there are any.
  5. Sign the document by clicking ‘Sign’. Check the personal details and click ‘Sign’ again. If there are errors in the details, click ‘Reject’ and give the grounds for the rejection, which will be sent to the sender of the signature request.

In any technical problems, contact user support:

it-helpdesk [at]
0294 520 500