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Mari-Sohvi Miettinen

yliopisto-opettaja, rakennussuunnittelu, arkkitehtuurin perusteet

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I am an Architect, University Instructor in Architectural Design Basics and a Researcher in Sustainable Housing Research Group ASUTUT.

Working as a teacher is a constant learning event for me. The imagination and unique ideas of the young architects-to-be is ever so inspiring. As a community in Tampere School of Architecture, we are exploring the role of an architect in the changing world, aiming towards a collaborative, care-taking practitioner with a holistic view on the environment we habit. As architects we do not only design environments, but need to strive to cherish the built and unbuilt.

Having a degree in fine arts, creating images is close to my heart. As a teacher I am especially interested in verbal and visual communication on the field of architecture. Another topic dear to me is detached houses and other small-scale buildings and dwellings. I keep on building up my experience on design and construction working under my own architectural practice, Arkkitehtistudio Patio. 

Recently I have joined the research team of JUSTHEAT project, studying people's experiences and memories on home heating in Finland. My former research work in KERAKE project under Seinäjoki Urban Laboratory used the means of architectural design to find for low-carbon construction solutions in developing areas, targeting on a wooden housing concept, Arbo Shelter, to offer shelter for people in crisis.


University Instructor in Architectural Design Basics; Bachelor Thesis Supervisor in Public Buildings; Researcher in JUSTHEAT project.

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Education in architectural design, visual & verbal communication in the field of architecture, sustainable housing, post-disaster and post-conflict housing

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