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Jari Ruokolainen

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Title Docent (Associate Professor),
Doctor in Industry Management and Development,
Licentiate in Industrial Managment,
Master of Science in Machine Construction,
Basic and advanced studies in adult education


Student thesis:

Machine construction
Machine automation
Machine learning
International Markering
Technology Management
Recycling industry

Sextons for industry and educational institute collaboration

EU projects:
Esprit CIMple
Esprit Globeman
Esprit Concurrent Engineering

Artic Wind (Accepted, insolvency of main contractor), Framwork program FP7
Högsåra (Three winmills for högsåra island), Framwork program, FP6
Sexton (ESR)

Various TEKES and Business Finland projects.

Osaamisalueiden kuvaus

Studied topics:
Industrial Economics
Production Economics
Machine automation
Strength of materials
Signal processing and micro computers

Published articles topics:

Health care IT:
Parkinson disease recognition by machine learning
Parkinson patients' motorfunction data collection
Archietcture for data collection from Parkinson' patients
(PlosOne, Research Protocols, MedInfo21, ...)

Customer references:
Domain modelling for employing first customer refernce
Mulptiple case studies
Constructive study
(IMM, Technovation, Journa of Engineering and Technology Management, Case Study Journal ...)

Industrial districs:
Science parks studies
(IMM, ..)

Education relates studies:
Studification (SEFI)