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I am responsible of the printed electronics research infrastructure located in Sähkötalo, SM108/SM126, Laboratory for Future Electronics​ 


Development and maintenance of printed/flexible and organic electronics infrastructure:​ 

  • Atomic Layer Deposition, inert gas processing in a glove box, 3D electronics printer system, e-beam and thermal evaporation, wet chemistry, blade coating, supercapacitor and battery test equipment, probe stations for component and sensor characterization, piezo and ferroelectric material characterization ​ 
  • Clean room: Inkjet printers in laboratory and pilot scale, screen printer, combined flexo/gravure/lamination/rotary screen/UV/NIR, plasma processing ​ 
  • Part of Academy of Finland funded Printed Intelligence Infrastructure​ 
  • Networking and research services for industry and research organizations, post- and undergraduate supervision​


My current research interests include 

  • Energy storage (supercapacitors) 
  • Energy harvesting 
  • Printing of electrical structures​