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Jari Hyttinen

professori, lääketieteellinen tekniikka

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Jari Hyttinen is full professor and head of BioMediTech unit at the Faculty of Medicine
and Health Technology, Tampere University. His research group Computational
Biophysics and Imaging Group
https://research/tuni.fi/cbig develops novel computer simulations (in-silico)
on cellular biophysics and in-vitro based electrophysiology and 3D imaging methods
for future personalized medicine and tissue engineering. Previous he has been a
visiting researcher at University of Pennsylvania, University of Tasmania, Duke
University and as visiting professor at University of Wollongong 2017 and ETH
Zurich 2018.


Profesessor of Biomedical Eningeering, Head of Biomeditech unit, Head of Computational Biophysics and Imaging group CBIG https://research.tuni.fi/cbig  

Osaamisalueiden kuvaus

Biomedical Engineering, bioelectronics, bioelectric phenomena and signals, biophysics, computational modelling and biological/physiological system analysis, bio- and medical imaging, 


International Federation on Medical and Biological Engineering (www.ifmbe.org)

 Member of the Administrative Council 2018 - 

European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering & Sciences (www.eambes.org) : 

 2019- Member of the Council (councillor of Fellows)

2017-2019 Past-President 

 2015-2017 President 

 2014-2015 President-Elect 

 2011-2014 Member of the Council (Chair of the Public affairs working group) 

 2008-2011 Member of general council 

EAMBES fellows division 

Chair of Fellows 2017-2019 

Past Chair 2019-  

Finnish Society for Medical Physics and Medical Engineering (Lääketieteellisen fysiikan
ja tekniikan yhdistys ry.) (www.lfty.fi) : 

2001-2004 Chairman 

1998-1999 Treasurer 

1992-1998 Secretary 

International Society for Bioelectromagnetism (www.isbem.org)

2007-2014 Secretary  

1995-2002 Council member 

Member of the board: Institute of biotechnology (IBT), University of Tampere, 2011 -2013

BioMediTech, University of Tampere, 2011 -2013 Member of the board:  

Institute of Medical Sciences and Medical Technolgies A joint Institute of Tampere University and Tampere University of Technology, Tampere Finland (www.biomeditech.fi)
2011– 2014 Member of the steering board,  


 My passion is to seek for new knowledge and methods for future personalized
medicine. We are interested in understanding and assessing mechanisms of
biophysics by developing in-vitro, 3D bioimaging and computational modelling tools for assessing the cellular functions.

  • We study biophysics,
    especially electrophysiology and biomechanics using and developing
    microscopy, bioimpedance, patch clamp, and multichannel electrode arrays
  • We develop new methods for 3D bioimaging
    and image-based assessment of cellular and tissue functions developing
    multimodal and hybrid imaging systems with optical, electric and X-ray
    3D imaging methodsWe develop computational models to decipher biophysics integrating in-silico and in-vitro human induced stem cell personalized and drug screening platforms. 


Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, BioMediTech, Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group


Biomedical Engineering, bioimaging, computational biophysics, Body on Chip Technologies


Academy of Finland Centre on Excellence COEBOC, EU (FET-Proact), Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

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