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I am a sociologist, larp designer and pedagog from Norway, currently employed by Tampere University to do my PhD at the Game Research Lab; "Role-play and Sexual arousal. Embodied erotic role-play in larp and BDSM."


Sex in games. Nordic Larp. Immersion and Sexual Arousal. Emotions. Sexology training.


Games and play. Sociology. Sexuality.

Merkittävimmät julkaisut


2022: "Nordic Erotic Larp: Designing for Sexual Playfulness" with Jaakko Stenros, in International Journal of Role-Play nr 12.


2021: "Just a little lovin' The Larp Script" (Volvemal, Norway) - with Tor Kjetil Edland and Anna E Groth

1998: "Laiv - levende rollespill" (Gyldendal Fakta, Norway)

1994: "Kjærlighetsboka - en bok for ungdom om sex" (Pax Forlag, Norway)

Larp designs:

- 2028 - who have you become? (2018/1998)

- Kink & Coffee (2013) in "Larps from the Factory"

- Just a little lovin' (2011 - with 8 re-runs)

- AmerikA - the garbage dung (2001)

- Social Femocracy (1997/1998)