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From words to deeds? Hostile rhetoric and violence against minorities in premodern Europe

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PaikkakuntaKanslerinrinne 1, 33100 Tampere
Pinni B3074
14.12.2023 12.00–16.00
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Picture of Fransiscan friar Berthold von Regensburg, active in mid-13th century. From manuscript Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, MS 2829, fol. 1v, 1447.
Welcome to the workshop From words to deeds? Hostile rhetoric and violence against minorities in premodern Europe.

What were the consequences of anti-Jewish sermons, rumours about black magic and treatises against heretics? The verbal attacks against minorities certainly contributed to the persecuting atmosphere of premodern Europe, but what were their connections to acts of violence and other concrete forms of persecution? In the workshop From words to deeds?, researchers from the Universities of Greifswald, Tampere and Turku present their latest research on polemical accusations and violence and discuss it with Prof. John H. Arnold from the University of Cambridge.


The workshop is organised by the project PERSECUTIO, funded by the Research Council of Finland and hosted at the University of Turku in collaboration with Trivium – Tampere center for Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies.


Please register for the participation in situ or online: https://sites.utu.fi/persecutio/events/workshop-from-words-to-deeds/ 




14.00, Christian Krötzl, Tampere

Opening Words


Session 1. Chair: Marika Räsänen

14.15 Jussi Hanska, Tampere

Preachers and Anti-Judaic Violence: The Case of ”Saint” Hugh of Lincoln


14.45 Cordelia Heß, Greifswald

Blood libel in Sweden – the transmission of anti-Jewish knowledge in Latin texts


15.15 Tiago Queimada e Silva, Turku

They burnt them in the streets of the city three days on end’: the massacre of the ”new Christians” in Lisbon, 1506


Break 15.45-16.15


Session 2. Chair: Sari Katajala-Peltomaa

16.15 Jenni Kuuliala, Turku

Black magic and bodily harm: Inflicting suffering and making sense of it in Renaissance Italy


16.45 Reima Välimäki, Turku

Defining causal mechanisms between polemics and persecution


17.15. John H. Arnold, Cambridge

Comments on the workshop presentations


Trivium – Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies