Webcast: Keeping Cities Vital – Public Space and Resilience

Join our webcast to discuss and generate new ideas for city security, vitality and competitiveness!

Live webcast is produced by the SURE! project from Tampere, Finland. The event brings together top experts to discuss how city vitality, competitiveness and security are linked together. Different viewpoints to the topic from Israel, Greece and the U.S. will spark up the conversation. Most of all, we want to give our audience and speakers a platform to share new ideas!

The event is hosted by a well-known Finnish journalist Katja Pantzar.


Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki, Director of Competitiveness, City of Tampere, Finland

Anniina Autero, SURE Project Manager, City of Tampere, Finland

Roy Folkman, Policy Advisor and Former Member of Parliament, Resilient City System, Israel

Konstantina Karydi, UIA Expert, Greece

Maria Logotheti, Economist, Minister Counselor, Greece

Minna Leno & Maria Falcken, Business and Customer Experience Designers, Kaleidoscope, Finland

Ilari Karppi, Adjunct professor, Tampere University, Finland

Amy Chester, Managing Director, Rebuild By Design, USA


Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience (SURE) -project

Further information

anniina.autero@tampere.fi, iina.sankala@tuni.fi