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Sustainable Technologies through Advanced Printing: Supercapacitors and Sensors

Tampereen yliopisto
PaikkakuntaKorkeakoulunkatu 3, 33720 Tampere
Hervanta Campus, Sähkötalo, room SM221
14.12.2023 12.00–13.00
PääsymaksuMaksuton tapahtuma
Lecture by Prof. Davide Deganello

Prof. Davide Deganello, from Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating at the University of Swansea, will give a lecture at Tampere University on Thursday, 14 December at 2 pm, in room SM221 on the Hervanta campus on "Sustainable Technologies Through Advanced Printing: Supercapacitors and Sensors".

In this presentation, we explore the intersection of advanced printing and sustainable technologies, focusing on our research from printed electronics to energy storage. 

The presentation starts with a focus on our research on carbon-based materials, discussing the exploration of carbon-based conductive ink formulation for printed electronics, extending to advancements in sensor technology, including pressure sensors, graphene-based biosensors and energy storage applications. The discussion further encompasses the progress in manufacturing processes, such as novel developed rapid photonic curing for glassy carbon.   

Central to this exploration is the challenge of scaling energy storage solutions. Ongoing research into the formulation of activated carbon electrode materials for supercapacitors, using sustainable polymers, is presented, highlighting the challenges for large scale industrial production vs research. Our innovative work in asymmetric supercapacitors, specifically on the synthesis of manganese oxide-based cathodes, is then discussed, showcasing the translation of material science advances into engineering solutions. The presentation concludes with a discussion on ongoing research of end-of-life recovery of carbon coatings and energy storage devices.


Prof Davide Deganello is Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University. His research focuses on the development of printable functional materials and printing technologies, promoting printing as an advanced manufacturing process for novel applications, in particular for energy storage, electronic, biomedical applications. Davide’s research covers material formulation and processing from one-off additive manufacturing to large scale roll-to-roll printing, supported by the study of underlining complex rheology. Davide has developed a sustained program of research, including a number of Research Council, collaborative & industrial awards, his research has led to a number of publications in high impact international journals, to patents and industrial investments.

Davide is deputy director of the Welsh Centre of Printing and Coating (WCPC), leading research centre in printing & printed electronics; co-director of CAPTURE, Swansea University Centre of Expertise in Energy Storage; Davide is Chair of Institute of Physics Printing and Graphic Science Group.



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